What’s your keyword?

Attract more customers with rare insights, thanks to our unique keyword tracker software.

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Find your golden goose

Every business has a golden keyword. A keyword that appears time and time again in data analytics, and taps directly into the wants and needs of your target market. Let us find it for you.

Keyword tracking

When someone clicks your ad, our advanced software identifies the keyword used in the ad and tracks it through to your CRM system. This granular level keyword diagnosis is unique to Netteky – you won’t find it anywhere else.

Smarter advertising

Spend your money on advertising that works. By gaining deeper insight into your customer’s behavior, you can refine your entire marketing strategy – focusing on conversions, not just clicks.

  • Identify your magic keyword
    One keyword to rule them all. Discover the most popular term that resonates with your customers.
  • More effective advertising
    Boost conversions by tailoring your campaign to feature high-converting keywords.
  • Better value for money
    Save over the long term with more targeted, results-driven marketing.
  • Customer insights
    Shape your business strategy with valuable insights into customer preferences and habits.
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